The process

The criteria

Based on our USP and growth methods (by mandate rather than marketing), the officers of TWP intend to seek and build a substantial pipeline of portfolio companies. However we expect only a few to make the final cut. Below are some of the key benchmarks and characteristics we would be looking for in a portfolio company:


A combination of innovation balanced by the ability to deliver a functional and reliable product or service TODAY; many fintech and telco concepts burn out while trying to get to market

Market domination or potential

Where a company has demonstrated particular success with its clients or in its territories, but needs capital to expand

Fit with other portfolio companies and clients

Looking for ‘easy’ opportunities for growth; if the portfolio has an embedded customer base for mobile banking, then insurance or investment companies may be of interest

High barrier to entry

Seeking out opportunities where some form of product, service or market protection can be achieved whether by exclusivity, IP protection, market dominance, price advantage or otherwise

Patents and other IP

Each company should be able to demonstrate a clear and uncontested ownership of IP, whether developed in house or correctly acquired or licensed

Management quality

A traditional venture capital mantra is that quality management teams are vital; we would seek a combination of experience and past success with energy and drive to take on a challenge