Target markets

TWP works in the emerging markets for Fintech and Telco.

The size and growth of these sectors in these markets makes the challenge to participate very attractive:

  • With internet growth in the Western world stagnating at about 80 percent penetration, it’s clear that most of the growth in coming years will come from emerging markets
  • Estimates are that only 6 percent of emerging markets have a fixed broadband connection, leaving mobile browsing as the main route to access the web
  • Affordable smartphones are connecting the emerging markets: the influx of cheaper smartphones has made owning a smartphone more affordable, with sales growing by about 18 percent each quarter during 2015
  • Three years ago, 2.5 billion adults were unbanked. Today, 2 billion adults remain without an account and money remittance could exceed $600bn by the end of 2016
  • While just 1 percent of adults globally say they use a mobile money account and nothing else, in Sub-Saharan Africa, 12 percent of adults (64 million adults) have mobile money accounts (compared to just 2 percent worldwide); 45 percent of them have only a mobile money account
  • It is a stated mission of the G20 nations to increase financial inclusion, of which the digitisation of payments and banking is a core strategic method to achieve this goal…and an opportunity for TWP to be a key provider in the space